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5 homes that sold for $100M or more in 2014

In a world with more than 1,500 billionaires, the price of a true "trophy" home has hit a new high: $100 million.

According to a report from Christie's International Real Estate, released earlier this month, $100 million is "the new billionaire benchmark" for trophy homes. ( Tweet this. )

A total of five homes sold for $100 million worldwide in 2014, setting a new record. Since 2010, a total of 13 homes have sold for more than $100 million, Christie's said, citing government regulatory boards. (See the full list below).

The Palazzo di Amore, in Beverly Hills, is on the market for $195 million.
Source: Marc Angeles

"This stratospheric figure certainly isn't the norm, even in markets with a reputation for expensive homes," the report said. "But the increasing number of properties that are listed for sale and, more importantly, sell for more than that milestone amount, has set the bar higher in the game of trophy real estate."

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Perhaps surprisingly, most of these nine-figure sales are not happening in the world's wealth centers, but in suburbs and vacation spots. Last year, the most expensive home sold in America was in the Hamptons, followed by a mansion in Cote d'Azur, France, and an estate in Greenwich, Conn.

Which city will be the next to break the nine-figure mark? According to the report, it will most likely be Los Angeles.

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"Sale prices in Los Angeles have climbed into the $90 million range, and there are currently several properties listed in the city for more than $100 million," the report said. "The question for Los Angeles is not 'if' but 'when.' "

The leading candidates: A $195 million Beverly Hills estate and vineyard being sold by billionaire Jeff Greene, and the legendary "Beverly House" in L.A., which is on the market for $135 million.

Last year, the hottest luxury real estate market was Toronto, where luxe home sales jumped 37 percent.

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The report also looked at the most expensive sales in each city relative to the average price. In New York City, the most expensive sale last year ($100 million) was 54 times the average price of a home there. In Hong Kong, the top price of $104 million was 202 times the average, whereas in London, the top sale of $98 million was equal to 131 average-priced homes.

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