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Lightning Round: Hottest biotech group in the world

It's that time again! The Lightning Round bell has rung, and Jim Cramer gives his take on a few favorite audience stocks:

Under Armour: "I think everyone is worried because it has stalled. It is shaking out of the weak hands and then it is going to have another move. That's the way it trades, we've got to get used to it. It may not rally instantly, it waits for the next quarter."

Opko Health: "I'm a believer that no one ever got hurt taking a profit. When you're up that much I need you to take out your cost. Take out the house's money and let the rest run. Phil Frost is a genius, we had him on the show and he's been right and we've been right."

PPL Corp: "No. It's not interesting enough for me to want to be tempted to do it."

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Cellectis: "That stock is going crazy because of the rumors that Pfizer is about to buy it. I don't want to comment on the rumors, but I do know that it does have a good chart...And by the way, that biotech group remains the hottest in the world."

Boeing: "Boeing is trading with the airlines, and that means the stock is going a little bit lower. Let's take a long-term view, McNerney's got it under control. I would not sell that stock."

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