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Snow mound in Boston looks like a landfill in late May

Debris covers a lingering snow pile, amassed during the record-setting winter, Thursday, May 28, 2015, the Seaport District in Boston.
Elise Amendola | AP

What was once a 75-foot-high pile of snow a few months ago is now a pile of frozen dirt and garbage, reports The Boston Globe. (Tweet this)

Even as June closes in, warming temperatures have not been able to melt a stubborn snow mound on Tide Street in Boston's Seaport District. Michael Dennehy, commissioner of Boston's Department of Public Works, told the paper the eyesore dates back to January and looks more like a landfill now.

"It's vile," he told The Boston Globe. "We're finding crazy stuff; bicycles, orange cones that people used as space savers—the funniest thing they found was half of a $5 bill. They're looking for the other half still."

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The city has been working to clean up the mess for the past six weeks. Dennehy reports that so far, 85 tons of debris have been removed from the pile.

"I said by May 30, but that's this weekend," he told the Globe. "It's still weeks away from melting."

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