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7 mind-blowing Instagram accounts

You might think you know Instagram—but chances are, you're missing out.

With 300 million monthly active users, the massive social platform is more than people sharing selfies and pictures of their food. Here are some of the most mind-blowing accounts in the space, guaranteed to make any user stop and stare.

1. Rooftop Photography

Vitaliy Raskalov lives life on the edge—literally. Bridges, mountains, buildings... you name it, he's photographed it. The account is the perfect solution for people who are afraid of heights, who can live vicariously through the posts.

2. The King of Instagram

The multimillionaire "King of Instagram," Dan Bilzerian, has the most outrageously wild account thanks to his crazy, lavish lifestyle. His photos consist mostly of guns, women in bikinis, and stacks of cash—or some combination of the three. If you're into private jets and fast cars, this professional poker player's account will have you hooked.

3. TSA

Ever wondered what the TSA actually confiscates? Wonder no more. Massive firearms and a wide array of knives are some of the most frequently snatched items.


Forget searching for the coolest pictures in the world—these are the most mind-blowing pictures of the world. All 3.1 million of NASA's followers can now explore the universe from the comfort of their own homes, through a smartphone screen. Talk about "out of this world."

5. Humans of New York

Based on the photoblog and bestselling book featuring street portraits and interviews, this account tells the story of people living in New York City. It provides simple photos of seemingly ordinary people paired with deeply personal insights about their lives. Started in November 2010 by a photographer named Brandon Stanton, the account now features more than 6,000 portraits.


The multi-platform travel media brand AFAR has an account that's sure to feed your inner traveler. Foreign architecture, landscapes and cuisine all fall under AFAR's areas of expertise—perfect for anyone looking to do their own traveling, or for the person who wants to add a little cultural diversity to their social media life.

7. Lil Bub

Just when you started to feel popular on Instagram, along came this cat. With more than 771,000 followers, Lil Bub has fascinated the Internet with his unique facial expressions. There's even an app that lets you "BUBify" your own photos with stickers and filters.

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