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Samsung spokesman LeBron James gifted Apple watches to his Cleveland Cavaliers teammates during a get together ahead of their first NBA Finals game against the Golden State Warriors, according to (Tweet This)

The meeting, organized by LeBron, was aimed at creating a bonding experience prior to the NBA Finals. What is surprising is that LeBron, who has been a spokesman for the Korean tech giant for years, chose to give away Apple watches to his teammates as a token of gratitude.

On Tuesday, a representative for LeBron told CNBC that the watches were gifts from Beats to LeBron's teammates. The rep also noted that LeBron gave each teammate a Samsung Galaxy GS6 Edge.

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LeBron has embraced both brands in the past. The basketball player advertises for Beats by Dre, which was acquired in 2014 by Apple.

"'Bron is the best teammate you can ask for, because on the court he's going to give you everything and off the court he's always going to be considerate and do whatever he can to show his gratitude," the Cavs' James Jones said, according to

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