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Cramer Remix: Twitter—get it together, or fail

Cramer: Twitter, get it together -- or fail

Jim Cramer will admit that he has been a long-time user of Twitter and a believer in its stock. And while it could be an incredible product, these days it seems more like Avon—which has been crushed for years because of awful management.

Cramer thinks the product is fantastic, because he sees so many people in media that are literally begging users to follow them by featuring his handle and asking people to participate in quizzes and polls. It's free promotion that most companies would kill to have.

"I think Twitter might kill the golden goose itself, purely out of arrogance, mismanagement, and a mistaken belief that they are always going to be the only game in town," the "Mad Money" host said. (Tweet This)

That is precisely why Cramer was so happy with the announcement that Dick Costolo is stepping down, because he has never heard more complaints about a CEO in business than he has about him.

However, Cramer was also severely disappointed with Twitter's reaction to Costolo. He would have expected the company to kick out Costolo, and then bring in a CEO with a plan to restore user and ad growth. Did that happen? Nope!

Investors saw the same ridiculous action when Andrea Jung stepped down as CEO of Avon and then stayed on as an executive chairwoman, which defeated any actions taken by the new CEO Sheri McCoy.

There are some investors who have great ideas about saving Twitter, Cramer said, such as the major shareholder Chris Sacca. However, it appears that Twitter is just too arrogant to accept any constructive criticism, even from a large stakeholder like Sacca.

"Mark my words, if Twitter doesn't get its act together, it will be the first big fizzle of the second Internet revolution," Cramer said.

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Even when Cramer flipped through his tweets this morning, he saw an investor asking what the heck Rite Aid has to do with Greece. The answer? Everything, because this tiny country has managed to drive all stocks lower.

"Greece the country has a huge impact on Rite Aid the stock," Cramer explained. "That's because stocks trade together in line with Europe. No hedge fund manager can resist making a bet that if Greece decides to default on its obligations, there will be severe repercussions all over the world."

Basically, it all boils down to the fact that if Greece blows up and the hedge funds missed it, they will look like idiots. (Tweet This)

But that doesn't mean you cannot turn this mess into your own opportunity.

If Greece defaults, that is a one-day event. It won't keep defaulting the next day or the day after that. So while the market would take a hit on the first day that the country defaulted, Cramer anticipates it would also bleed into the second day, causing a selloff.

Then, the third day will only impact those highly leveraged hedge funds that played the wrong side of the trade. Basically, they would sell good stocks that had nothing to do with Greece in order to fund the stocks that were hurt by Greece.

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To prepare for the impending slow down on the economy when the Fed raises rates, Cramer has been warning investors to start moving into secular growth stocks.

"Your portfolio needs some exposure to companies that can keep delivering consistent growth regardless of what's happening in the broader economy," the "Mad Money" host said.

That is why Cramer has been focusing on health care, specifically the health care cost containment plays. It is one group that has consistency, and plenty of room for consolidation.

Cramer highlighted Express Scripts, which is the biggest pharmacy benefit manager out there. However, before getting into the benefits of Express Scripts, he warned that the consolidation in the HMO space could be negative news for a company like Express Scripts.

So, while Cramer does recommend Express Script because it is the best of the pharmacy benefit managers and should be bought on weakness, just remember that it could get hurt by takeover activity in the short term.

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Sure enough, not only did investors learn on Monday of 's potential bid for Cigna but it was also announced that Cramer-fave CVS Health will purchase Target's pharmacy business for $1.9 billion. Some 1,700 Target pharmacies will be rebranded as CVS stores within a store, and many investors expect this to be significantly beneficial to CVS' earnings by 2017.

"This also seems like a no-brainer for Target because, in addition to the obvious $1.9 billion payday, they don't have any real edge in the pharmacy space so offloading this business should boost their margins," the "Mad Money" host said.

Cramer ultimately thinks this is a win-win deal for both CVS and Target. To hear more about what is in store for both companies, Cramer spoke with CVS Health CEO Larry Merlo and Target CEO Brian Cornell.

Cramer asked Cornell if investors can now expect to see a "mall-ization" of Target. Could this mean that Williams-Sonoma could be a partner in housewares, or larger cosmetic companies joining the game at Target?

"It is absolutely a unique one-off opportunity. The chance for us to partner with someone who brings scale, experience, expertise into the space can help us fulfill our commitment to wellness with the guest. But you should not expect to see this happen in other places," Cornell said.

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And while Cramer has given a lot of attention to the health care space lately, he also remembered to emphasize the importance of the organic and natural food movement in the U.S.

To understand the themes behind the publicly traded companies, sometimes that means going off the tape to take a closer look at a private company that could drive them.

Luvo is the maker of frozen meals, with a mission to provide healthy and environmentally sound food that is filled with good quality ingredients and recycled packaging.

The company uses flash freezing to preserve fruits and vegetables in their peak freshness, and allows for it to be reheated in its own juices. And not only does the company have Derek Jeter as a brand ambassador, but its top brass is the former CEO of Lululemon and former executive at Starbucks.

To learn more about how Luvo could transform the grocery aisle, Cramer spoke with its CEO.

"There are some proprietary technology elements to what we do, but it is also the willingness to invest in the quality of nutrition and put nutrition first," Day said.

In the Lightning Round, Cramer gave his take on a few caller favorite stocks:

The Walt Disney Co.: "This is exactly the kind of stock I am telling people to buy if we get a Greek default. Let's wait for that news."

Canadian National Railway: "No, if we are going to go rail we are going to go Union Pacific but we have to wait for the quarter because numbers can still come down."

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