OhMiBod spreading good vibrations

OhMiBod: A start-up spreading good vibrations
OhMiBod: A start-up spreading good vibrations

Each week on CNBC's "The Pitch" series, an entrepreneur gets an opportunity to blind pitch his or her company to a secret investor. The investor doesn't know anything about the business being pitched, so it's the entrepreneur's one shot to sell it.

One entrepreneur is creating a lot of buzz with her Bluetooth-enabled vibrators, which are controlled via smartphone.

"My husband gifted me my first vibrator when I was 35 years old, along with an iPod," founder Suki Dunham told CNBC.

After using the two devices simultaneously, Dunham was inspired to create her own dual-sensory, technology-driven pleasure products line, OhMiBod.

The company's most popular product: blueMotion, a panty vibrator that can be controlled via smartphone.

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"We wanted to create a product that brings couples closer together, utilizing these devices as a conduit to encourage intimacy," Dunham said.

Source: OhMiBod

Gone are the days of feeling ignored and abandoned while your partner taps away at a smartphone. Whether you're right next to each other or miles apart, blueMotion connects over Bluetooth and Wi-Fi using the free blueMotion app.

Dunham was given 30 seconds to blind pitch her company to millionaire investor Kevin O'Leary of "Shark Tank." After hearing the pitch, O'Leary expressed concerns over the fact that OhMiBod did not actually own the technology used in blueMotion.

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She countered by saying no one else in the space is creating Bluetooth- and Wi-Fi-enabled pleasure products. She added that "we don't have a patent for it, [but] we actually have a sublicense to the patent for over the Internet control."

Dunham would not disclose sales data for the blueMotion vibrator, but told CNBC it's currently the company's best-seller.

"With the likes of 'Fifty Shades of Grey' and things like that, people's minds are being opened to this industry which offers a lot of market potential," she said.

The blueMotion vibrator retails for $129 and has five integrated settings. The device can be charged with a USB or its own rechargable battery, providing up to one hour of active use. According to its website, blueMotion is manufactured with "body-friendly materials."

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Since its launch in July 2006, OhMiBod has raised $750,000 in funding from angel investors.

Headquartered in New Hampshire, OhMiBod has 11 full-time employees. The company plans to release additional blueMotion designs later this year as well as app updates that include sexual health tracking.