J Crew executive seemingly taunts fired employees

A J. Crew sign is displayed outside one of company’s stores in New York.
Jin Lee | Bloomberg | Getty Images

There are some classy ways to handle firing employees—this just might not be one of them.

Soon after personally delivering the bad news to some J. Crew employees being laid off, the clothier's vice president of men's merchandising took to Instagram to post celebratory photos, seemingly mocking those who were fired, according to The New York Post.

The posts in question, which have since been removed, feature VP Alejandro Rhett bar-hopping with other employees in New York and hoisting drinks in celebratory poses, reports The Post. Some feature hashtags like "#hungergames," and "#maytheoddsbeeverinyourfavor," appearing to jokingly refer to the the blockbuster Jennifer Lawrence series in which teens are forced to fight to the death. (Tweet This)

Another post jokingly read "#nofunhere" as Rhett and J.Crew retail men's merchandiser Andrew Ruth posed for a group picture The Post reports.

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In light of the fact J.Crew just finished firing 175 employees from its New York headquarters last week, the posts aren't exactly being well received.

"It's just inappropriate that you'd be out drinking when people on your team had been laid off," one J.Crew insider told The Post. "J.Crew has serious issues right now, and no one in the office had a smile on their face that day."

A J.Crew spokesman said the company didn't condone the behavior of Rhett and others, telling The Post, "As soon as we were made aware, the appropriate actions took place." He did not elaborate to the paper on what that meant.


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The social media gaffe comes as just weeks after J.Crew reported a disappointing first quarter that included an operating loss of just over $520 million, a 5 percent drop in sales and slipping gross margins.

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