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Europe closes at the highs: 'What? Me, Worry?'

Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras arrives to attend a Eurozone emergency summit on Greece in Brussels, Belgium June 22, 2015.
Charles Platiau | Reuters

European markets went into the close at the highs for the day as yet another comical round of "What? Me, worry?" plays out in Europe.

The Greeks sent the wrong proposals to the negotiations?

No problem! They eventually got the right one out! What's a day or two when you're on the verge of default?

No agreement because the finance ministers didn't get the correct proposals in time to examine the details?

No problem! The summit of eurozone heads of state will still take place this evening.

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The eurozone ministers also can't make a deal because there is no technical agreement?

No problem! The meeting will be used to prepare the ground for another Eurogroup meeting later this week.

We have a problem with the details of the agreement and can't come to an agreement at the Eurogroup meeting?

No problem! There's another meeting, somewhere. And another extension...