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Wacky leadership ideas that worked

Trust fall exercise in office

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Unconventional ways to inspire greatness

It really is lonely at the top—especially for CEOs who desire leadership training.

According to a 2013 study conducted by the Stanford Graduate School of Business and the Miles Group, nearly 100 percent of CEOs welcome coaching and leadership advice, yet nearly two-thirds didn't receive any. The study indicated that nearly half of senior-level executives also lack leadership coaching.

Maybe part of the problem is that staid leadership methods don't work. Once a surefire recipe for execs to nod off while counting down the hours to lunch, leadership training no longer means status quo PowerPoint slides and dry motivational speeches.

From inspirational texts and intensive solo pursuits to group training programs, leaders are staying on top of their game—and inspiring others—in some surprising ways.

Don't assume it's always about sheer results: Management at top companies are tapping into previously disregarded practices to stay focused and productive and to inspire everyone from the new intern to the most jaded senior management.

By Sarah Chandler, special to
Posted 27 June 2015

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