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Cramer Remix: Buy this stock right now

Cramer: Buy this stock right now

Right now there are so many amazing things happening in the market, Jim Cramer's mind is blown. Yet, all of these individual events are going unnoticed because there are larger themes overshadowing them.

"These are individual events that seem one off, but they serve to remind you that good things can happen to stocks regardless of how the averages—good or bad—fare on a given day," the "Mad Money" host said.

One of those individual stocks was AT&T, which Cramer demanded that investors buy right away in the Lightning Round.

Next up, Cramer learned that the terrible casino numbers in Macau could finally be bottoming. The Macau casino stocks have been absolutely horrible lately, but now Cramer sees they are on the move again and he suspects that they could soar. Cramer is watching Wynn for a bottom.

Or how about Constellation Brands? When Bud merged with InBev, the Justice Department forced the sale of Modelo and Corona to Constellation, and the quarter reported by Constellation on Wednesday is proof of that deal's brilliance.

More than ever now, companies are taking control of their own destinies. It's just a matter of being able to see these opportunities amid the macro backdrop.

"If you focus only on the broader market forest, you'll certainly miss some really fine trees, the kind that money actually grows on," Cramer said.

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In Cramer's long career of investing, he has learned that being in the woods is very strange indeed. Most of the time, investors think that they are either in the woods or out of the woods. However, he has been in this situation enough times to know that it typically only lasts for three days, and a prudent investor can come out unscathed.

"The reality is that you're always in the woods with stocks, it's just that the woods aren't necessarily as dark and scary as they often seem," the "Mad Money" host said.

When Cramer uses the term "the woods" he means times when the market seems as though it is really frightening. On Monday, for instance, the stock market seemed really scary. Talks with Greece totally broke down, the $70 billion Puerto Rican municipal bond market collapsed, and Chinahad a huge decline, all in one day.

All of these events were startlingly negative for investors. However, Cramer pointed out that it is important to note who actually felt that negativity.

This three-day pattern has repeated itself time and time again for Cramer since the bottom in 2009.

"So, here's my take: as much as I didn't want you to sell into the deep dark woods on Monday, I don't mind at all if you want to use today's strength to take something off the table now that everyone thinks we are out of the woods," Cramer said.

As long as you remain clearheaded in these situations, you will know when it is time to leave the woods entirely, when to stay, and when to buy. While you can still get hurt, you will recover faster than those who panic on day one, he said.

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The flood of IPOs continued on Wednesday with four companies coming public. One of those companies was ConforMIS, a medical technology company that specializes in custom knee replacements for patients through the use of 3D-printing technology that design both the implant and customized medical instruments.

"I think it's a pretty intriguing concept, and ConforMIS has a wall of patents protecting their technology," Cramer said.

While the company is not yet profitable, it is trying to disrupt the medical device industry. Can this fresh-faced IPO that rallied 28 percent on its first day of trading continue to skyrocket? To find out more about the benefits of ConforMIS, Cramer spoke with CEO Dr. Philipp Lang.

"There are significant benefits not only to hospitals but also to patients. For example on the hospital side, there is a reduction to the length of stay. Patients recover generally faster," Lang said.

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As Cramer prepares for Thursday's big non-farm payroll report from the Labor Department, he decided to take a closer look at what to expect from one of the top payroll processing companies in the U.S.

Paychex is the country's No. 2 payroll processor, specializing in small- and medium-sized businesses, and has a growing human resources management division. Cramer has always said that Paychex will give the best read on small-business hiring in the U.S.

While Paychex' stock has not had a significant move this year, the company reported on Wednesday morning and provided better than expected guidance for the full fiscal year.

But here's the real kicker to Paychex: If you expect the Federal Reserve to raise rates later this year, then Cramer thinks this could be the stock for you. The company collects interest on cash that it holds from its clients before it goes into your paycheck.

That means Paychex will become substantially more profitable when interest rates rise. To find out more, Cramer spoke with the CEO of Paychex, Marty Mucci.

He confirmed that Paychex saw a 9 percent revenue growth year-to- date, and its non-payroll business hit a new high mark over $1 billion.

"I would say it's probably 70 percent of our existing clients who we are adding more value to. The other 30 percent we certainly are taking share from other clients," Mucci said.

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In the Lightning Round, Cramer gave his take on a few caller favorite stocks:

Cummins Inc: "Even though demand in the U.S. is strong and the truck builders are remarkably good in this country, I think that Europe will have a tick down and China has just become bad...therefore Cummins is a don't buy."

Greif Inc: "Greif will give you grief. I do like that yield, but both Crown Holdings and Ball Corp are better when it comes to packaging. That's just the way it is."

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