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US franchise job gains bounce back: ADP

ADP June payrolls up 237,000
ADP June payrolls up 237,000

U.S. franchise job gains rebounded in June from a 14-month low in May, ADP said Wednesday.

Private sector franchise jobs increased by 28,800, or 0.3 percent month over month, led by restaurants and auto parts and dealers. In May, they rose by 14,720.

"Franchise employment in June bounced back to a level exceeding the 12-month average of job gains," Ahu Yildirmaz, vice president and head of the ADP Research Institute said in a statement. "Both restaurants and auto parts and dealers added jobs at a pace well above the previous month's totals."

Last month, restaurant franchises added 10,380 jobs, a 0.2 percent monthly growth rate, while auto parts and dealers franchises added 7,570 jobs, or a 0.6 percent gain. In May, restaurants added 8,600 jobs, while auto parts and dealers franchise jobs grew by 2,360.

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Manufacturing and personal services franchises saw the biggest monthly growth rate out of all the listed sectors, rising 1.2 percent.

Real estate franchises, on the other hand, saw the number of jobs drop by 370 in June, or 0.4 percent.