Trump showed worst face of America: Mexican billionaire

Salinas on Trump: Disgrace someone could speak in those terms
Mexican billionaire Salinas: Content has no borders
I have a great relationship with Mexico: Trump

Donald Trump showed the "worst face of America" when he made derogatory comments about Mexican immigrants, Mexican billionaire Ricardo Salinas said Thursday.

"I know that most Americans don't think like that, and it's a disgrace that somebody could speak in those terms," the CEO of Grupo Salinas said in an interview with CNBC's "Closing Bell."

Salinas heads an empire of retail, banking, TV and telecom businesses located in Mexico.

He's the latest to speak out about the presidential hopeful's comments. Mexican Foreign Secretary Jose Antonio has called Trump ignorant and prejudiced.

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Trump referred to Mexican immigrants as criminals and rapists, and said the country is not a friend of the United States.

Last week, Univision announced it was canceling plans to air the Miss USA pageant next month and the Miss Universe contest in January. Trump co-owns both competitions.

"I agree fully with them and I think they are in the right," Salinas said.

NBC also said it will skip the pageants, which it co-owns with Trump.

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