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The best tweets about the Greek referendum

Luke Graham, special to CNBC

Following on from the Greek referendum's decisive "no" vote on its bailout conditions, here are some of the best reactions on Twitter.

Many Twitter users wanted to congratulate the Greeks for rejecting further austerity. Activist and author Naomi Klein's tweet sums up the general mood:

People celebrate in front of the Greek parliament as Greek voters vote 'No' in the austerity referendum on July 5, 2015.
Milos Bicanski | Getty Images

However, other Twitter users were far more interested in making fun of the Greek's decision:

In an odd twist, anti-austerity left-wingers and Euro-sceptic right-wingers are both celebrating the result, as highlighted in this tweet from actor David Schneider:

One of the most popular tweets was Greek finance minister Yanis Varoufakis' announcement of his resignation, which has been shared by 16,000 Twitter users:

What Varoufakis will do next is not yet known, but British journalist Marie Le Conte has suggested one possible career move:

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