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Pro: Health care/mid-market stocks will roar

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Bigger isn't better when it comes to earnings and stocks so far this year and beyond.

That's according to Lawrence Golub, CEO of Golub Capital, who made his case for health care and middle market companies on Power Lunch today. Golub gave viewers a look at his research that shows large industrial stocks are flat on earnings and revenue while health care stocks are knocking it out of the park with 15% revenue gains and 9% gains in earnings. He expects that strong run to continue through this earnings season.

Golub is also high on consumer discretionary stocks, showing that they've booked 11% earnings gains this year and 10% revenue growth.

But the key to it all is size. Golub warns that larger industrial firms have been lagging all year and he believes that will continue. The overall sluggish economy is the culprit, according to Golub.

Earnings report season begins in earnest this coming Monday with extensive coverage throughout the following days and weeks on CNBC.