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Cramer on NYSE halt—We were warned this was coming

Cramer on NYSE halt: Find a stock you love
Cramer on NYSE halt: Find a stock you love

As if the turmoil overseas with Greece and China weren't enough drama for the week, Jim Cramer scratched his head with disbelief when trading for all symbols was temporarily halted at the New York Stock Exchange floor on Wednesday.

"One of the things that has been most bemoaned was that they lost market share year after year. So it is an occasion where I think that any one of these would go down, it's just that the New York Stock Exchange is more hallowed," Cramer said.

Trading stopped at about 11:30 a.m. EDT due to a reported technical glitch. However, trades continued for NYSE Arca, Nasdaq, Bats and DirectEdge for NYSE-listed securities.

Separately, The Wall Street Journal's website also appeared to be down for some users. Cramer commented that the NYSE halt is something to be expected these days.

"You just say, listen, this is what happens now," referring to the United Airlines groundstop earlier Wednesday due to a router problem, and the fact that the Journal suffered an outage on the same day. "These are things that when we have Palo Alto Networks on and when we have Fortinet on, and we have on FireEye or CyberArk, they tell you, listen, it's going to happen," Cramer added.

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So, the CNBC "Mad Money" host is not surprised that this occurred, but he feels it is a bit unnerving that the NYSE is going to redo some of the open trades.

"I go there every day and there are a lot of people working real hard, but they're just one of kind of a broader mosaic. There was a time in our country where I think the president would call, and now I think the president is not really focused on this."

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