Poll: Is China still an investment opportunity?

Investors talk in front of an electronic board showing stock informations at a brokerage house in Kaifeng, Henan Province.
China Daily | Reuters

As the tumult in China's stock market continues, with a further 3 percent shaved off the benchmark Shanghai index in early Asia trading, and yet another new set of measures announced by regulators in the hope of stemming the fall, analysts at IG have questioned whether painful experiences in the stock market will put an entire generation of Chinese retail investors off equities.

To put what's happening in China in context, IG also doled out some bleak figures:

  • China has now lost US$4.2 trillion in market value in just 17 days.

  • In 2013 the S&P had its third best year on record, adding US$5 trillion in value over 12 months. China has lost 84% of that in just 17 days.

  • That same value is the equivalent of losing over 65% of the total value of the Nikkei.

  • It's just over the total value of the CAC or 3.6 times the total value of the ASX

So how has China's market turmoil impacted you - are you freaked out by the precipitous plunge, worried by the heavy-handed intervention or still excited by the opportunities in the world's second-biggest economy?

Take our poll to tell us what you think.

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