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Where to retire?

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It can be hard to decide on the ideal retirement spot because there are so many qualities you may want: beautiful weather, affordability and low taxes, to name a few. And then there are additional considerations. Do you want to be near the ocean? Do you like a walkable city?

CNBC.com analyzed several lists of the best places to retire compiled by Bankrate, WalletHub and AARP to find the best retirement cities for specific interests, whether it's great outdoor activities or excellent health care or walkable urban living.

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See which highly rated retirement cities are the best fit for you.

By CNBC.com's Reem Nasr
Updated 28 September 2015

Best if you enjoy the outdoors

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Tucson, Arizona

If you're looking to spend many retired days enjoying the great outdoors, Tucson may the perfect fit. The city is surrounded by five mountain ranges, deserts, trails and a ski area too. With little rain, you will be able to spend as many days out in the sun as possible.

Bankrate reports that the city ranks high for happiness among residents and senior well-being. In addition, Arizona places a below-average tax burden on residents, according to the Tax Foundation.

Best if you love the water

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Cape Coral/Fort Myers, Florida

The self-named "Waterfront Wonderland" has more than 400 miles of waterways and is popular with the boaters. The city on Florida's west coast offers lots of water-related options for retirees, including sunbathing and fishing. Gallup-Healthways reports that the area has the fifth-highest well-being score among seniors.

Cape Coral's crime rate is well below the national average, according to Bankrate.

Best if you want an active lifestyle

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For those looking to stay active in their golden years, Denver is an ideal retirement spot. The Mile High City offers lots of skiing and hiking options. Vail is just a two-hour drive away. The city also came in #6 on Bankrate's recent listing of the top retirement cities for football fans.

Bankrate notes that although the cost of living is a little high compared to the national average, it ranks favorably for crime rate, walkability and weather.

Best if you’re on a budget

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Daytona Beach, Florida

The median home price in Daytona Beach is $108,900, according to AARP, and the median property tax is $1,161. Plus, Floridians do not pay state taxes on Social Security or on their pensions.

In addition to affordability, the area offers beautiful weather and several water-related activities such as fishing and surf casting.

Best for year-round weather

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Prescott, Arizona

Don't only think of the desert when you hear the word Arizona. Prescott gets its fair share of rain and boasts of mild winters. The average temperature in August is around 72 degrees, according to Bankrate.

The city offers a lot of historical and cultural gems. It also has five gold courses nearby and the Prescott National Forest.

Best if you have health concerns

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Mesa, Arizona

With bright skies and warm weather, Mesa offers seniors a low cost of living and the No. 1 slot in Bankrate's survey.

The survey found that, according to Gallup-Healthways, the Phoenix area ranks among the best in terms of overall well-being. Nursing home care comes at a median cost of $64,514 annually and assisted living at $36,600 annually, according to U.S. News and World Report.

The Phoenix suburb also offers parks, gold courses and cultural attractions, such as the Mesa Arts Center.

Best if you love the urban life

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Arlington, Virginia

Much of the city is walker friendly, and there are bike lanes and routes throughout. Bankrate notes that residents here rank high on the wellness index because of a healthy lifestyle.

The city neighbors Washington, D.C., and has its own ample public transportation system with several metro stops.

Best for low taxes

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Austin, Texas

The capital of Texas offers many restaurants, music venues and bike paths and trails for retirees to enjoy. It's also #9 on Bankrate's recent list of top cities for football fans. (The University of Texas Longhorns have been playing football since 1893, winning 71 percent of their games in that period.)

But its low taxes make it a real stand out. Residents of Texas do not pay a state personal income tax and the overall state and local tax burden is the fourth-lowest in the country, according to the Tax Foundation. Bankrate finds that monthly rent is about $1,037, which is cheaper than that in other major Texas cities like Houston.