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Power Play: Risks and rewards of investing in China

A worker stands on piles of industrial products before exporting, at a port of Lianyungang, China
China Daily | Reuters

The Shanghai Composite is down more than 20 percent in the past month, leading some investor to wonder if the bubble is bursting in China.

Two strategists share their strategy for investing in China with CNBC's "Power Lunch" on Monday.

Krishna Memani, chief investment officer at Oppenheimer Funds, believes policy makers are at work to support a market that is correcting after being on margin fuelled steroids and while it may succeed in the short term, it is difficult to see how that is sustainable.

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"China is slowing, policy there will be easing and global economy will face deflationary pressures emanating from China for quite some time," Memani said.

But Burns McKinney, portfolio manager at NFJ Investment Group, believes China is interesting right now.

"China valuations have come down to a point where we will take a look, but avoid media and tech high flyers," McKinney said.

The Shanghai Composite climbed more than two percent during trading.