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Theismann loves tanker stocks, hates Iran deal

Theismann: Get past 'Deflategate' & play football

Former NFL All Pro Joe Theismann spoke out on a wide range of financial, political and sports topics in a fast-paced interview with CNBC's Mandy Drury on today's Power Lunch.

First weighing in on the Tom Brady "Deflategate" scandal, Theismann strongly insisted that the matter wasn't a big deal and he hoped NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell would remove all four games from Brady's suspension.

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The former Washington Redskin quarterback also spoke out about the controversy surrounding the team's name, saying he was, "proud to represent the honor of the Native American nations in this country when I wore that uniform."

On the recently agreed to nuclear deal with Iran, Theismann expressed his dismay calling it a "bad deal." He specifically questioned how the United States could enter into such an agreement when we have four Americans still imprisoned in Iranian jails. Despite his strong feelings about political issues, Theismann promised he had no intention of going into politics.

Theismann did have time to talk about stock investing, saying he still loves tanker sector shares. He mentioned Teekay Tankers and Navios Maritime among a few others.