Cramer: Ruth Porat key to Google’s success

Cramer: How Ruth Porat has already changed Google

CNBC's Jim Cramer said Monday the key to Google's recent success rests with new CFO Ruth Porat.

Cramer said last week's conference call run by Porat was more down to earth than previous ones.

"I said, 'What company is this? Where were the driverless space engines?' I never once heard them," he said. "It sounded like other conference calls of publicly traded companies. At no point did it deviate into some sort of existential Kant versus Marx. ... There was no mention of Tolstoy. It frankly was about the numbers."

Google shares surged Friday after the company reported quarterly earnings that handily beat Wall Street expectations. Porat was named as Google's CFO on March 24.

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Google's stock was sharply lower Monday morning.

Disclosure: Cramer's trust owned GOOG stock when this article was published.