Plane narrowly avoids crash in terrifying landing

Source: 17splinter | YouTube

If you find mid-flight turbulence frightening, imagine the terror of feeling the plane swing back and forth just seconds before touching down.

Video taken from Amsterdam's Schiphol airport captured just that as a Boeing 777 swung violently as it came in for a landing. Pilots flying the KLM Royal Dutch Airlines plane struggled to keep control as powerful gusts shook the airliner dramatically. (Tweet This)

The dangerous landing at Schiphol came as much of the rest of the Netherlands capital was hit with a deadly summer storm and wind gusts of up to 75 miles per hour.

KLM told CNBC "safety had not been compromised."

"Last Saturday, all flights at Schiphol encountered strong winds and thereupon applied the relevant procedures," the company said. "KLM pilots were well able to deal with it and ensure the safety of passengers and crew."

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