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Top 10 consumer complaints in the US


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Top 10 consumer complaints in the U.S.

Have any complaints? You're not alone.

The total number of consumer complaints increased nearly 5 percent to 281,693 last year from 268,380 in 2013, according to a Consumer Federation of America survey released Wednesday. The number of complaints was determined by surveying 37 state and local consumer protection agencies.

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The study found identity theft as the fastest-growing complaint last year.

"It's not surprising that identity theft was the top fastest-growing complaint given the epidemic of data breaches around the country last year," the CFA said in the report. "Some agencies cited the use of consumers' stolen personal information to impersonate them in order to claim their tax refunds as a particularly fast-growing identity theft problem."

Here's are the 10 most common consumer complaints.

—By Fred Imbert
Posted 29 July 2015

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