Windows 10 now wants you to pay for Solitaire

Jules Frazier | Getty Images

Say "goodbye" to ad-free Solitaire without a price tag.

Windows 10, which was released on Wednesday, includes updates to a few of Microsoft's card games, as reported by The Next Web.

Popular games, FreeCell and Solitaire, are now bundled in an app named "Microsoft Solitaire Collection" that allows users to upgrade to a premium edition to receive advertisement-free play and other features meant to help players complete challenges within the games.

A one month upgrade will run users $1.49, while a year-long upgrade costs $9.99.

Gamers who have noticed Microsoft's change have taken to Twitter to share their thoughts:

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But why not grin and bear the advertisements? At least some who have tried the updated game don't like the experience.

"The ads in question aren't small banners that appear at the bottom of the screen while you play. They run over the full Solitaire window, some for 15 seconds and some for 30 seconds, and while they don't seem to pop up very often …. they can't be aborted," PC Gamer wrote following a test of Windows 10's version of Solitaire.

Microsoft did not immediately reply to a request for comment.