Product Recalls

Kraft recalls 36,000 cases of cheese singles over choking hazard

Elisha Fieldstadt
Kraft recalls their sliced cheese
Kraft recalls their sliced cheese

Put down that grilled cheese.

Kraft voluntarily recalled 36,000 cases of Kraft Singles American and White American pasteurized prepared cheese product due to a choking hazard, the company said Friday.

A piece of the thin plastic wrapper surrounding the Singles has the chance of sticking to the cheese, which could cause someone to choke, according to a statement from the Kraft Heinz company. Some 377,000 packages of affected Singles have been shipped to the U.S., Puerto Rico and Grand Cayman, the statement said.

Ten customers have reported the plastic wrapper sticking to a cheese slice, and three of those have reported choking, according to the company.

"We deeply regret this situation and apologize to any consumers we have disappointed," said the Heinz-Kraft recall statement.