Why we dropped Trump's menswear line: Macy's CEO

CEO: Macy's dropped Trump in a business decision
CEO: Macy's dropped Trump in a business decision

Macy's chief Terry Lundgren said Wednesday it was a business decision to end the retailer's 11-year menswear collection partnership with Donald Trump.

Trump stirred a storm of criticism by making disparaging remarks about Mexican immigrants when he announced his bid for the GOP presidential nomination in June.

Refusing to comment on what Trump said, Lundgren told CNBC's "Squawk Box" that Macy's made a decision on "not carrying any product from any candidate, ever."

"If Hillary Clinton had a handbag collection we won't carry that either," he said.

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The Trump campaign was not immediately available to respond to CNBC's inquiry for comment.

Lundgren said of the Trump situation: "This a brand new experience for us. And I hope this is not something we'll have to deal with in the future."

Macy's dropped the Trump line in early July, about two weeks after Trump said Mexico was sending rapists and criminals to the U.S. as immigrants.

In a statement at the time, Trump said he was the one who decided to terminate the partnership with Macy's, saying he's "never been happy about the fact that the ties and shirts are made in China."

He also tweeted out a call for a boycott against Macy's.

For all of those who want to #MakeAmericaGreatAgain, boycott @Macys. They are weak on border security & stopping illegal immigration.

Those who believe in tight border security, stopping illegal immigration & SMART trade deals w/other countries should boycott @Macys.