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Egg prices breaking all-time highs on bird flu

Egg prices on the rise
Egg prices soaring
$6 eggs could be on the way

U.S. egg prices continued their upward climb following the most devastating outbreak of bird flu in decades, according to a U.S. Department of Agriculture report this week.

Prices of large Grade A eggs delivered to store doors in the Midwest Regional area hit a range of $2.73 to $2.81 per dozen, the report showed.

Indianapolis Business Journal notes this is the most expensive eggs have been, according to data that stretches back to 2000.

More than 48 million birds have been affected since avian flu first was spotted in the U.S. in December. While the last detection occurred in June, there is concern it could crop up again as soon as this fall once temperatures drop and wild birds continue their migration to the Southern states, which have mostly avoided the outbreak to date.

If this does happens, consumers can expect egg prices to be further squeezed with one analyst forecasting $6 per dozen eggs could become a reality.