Cramer: Investors will love Amazon more now

Cramer on working at Amazon
Jeff Bezos on the defense
Amazon's intimidating CEO

After a weekend article by The New York Times described Amazon as a "bruising place to work," CNBC's Jim Cramer said investors will love the stock even more.

"I envision all investors saying 'Great,'" Cramer said Monday. "Do I want to work at amazon? No. If you want to play your money with companies that only treat their employees well and do everything right, it's harder than you think to find."

The story, based on interviews with current and former employees, claims a workplace that pushes workers to extremes with unsympathetic managers.

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Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos responded to the story with a letter sent to his staff and obtained by CNBC. In it he writes, that the Times got it all wrong.

Cramer said that a lot of what he read in the story mirrored CNBC's 2014 original documentary about the growth of Amazon titled, "Amazon Rising." Reporting in that story also details long hours and tough working conditions for the company's workers, or "Amazonians," at distribution centers across the country.

Shares of the e-commerce giant were down slightly midmorning Monday.

—CNBC's Phillip Tutt contributed to this report.