This glitch cost Bloomingdale's big time: Report

A man carries a shopping bag from the Bloomingdale's store in the SoHo shopping district of Manhattan.
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Imagine receiving an email from Bloomingdale's that said you had $10,000 in store credit, simply for being a member of its loyalty program? (Tweet this)

Well, that is what happened to a handful of Bloomingdale's Loyalist customers when a computer glitch led to points being confused for dollar amounts, reports BuzzFeed.

The email was sent out on Friday, Aug. 14 and led to one customer receiving $25,000 as part of the glitch. Per the report, he picked up about $17,000 worth of merchandise, including a $10,000 pair of diamond earrings and a Louis Vuitton bag.

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"A small subset of Bloomingdale's Loyallist participants were accidentally issued rewards gift cards with amounts that were clearly incorrect," a spokeswoman told BuzzFeed in an email. "The company caught the mistake last week and is re-issuing replacement gift cards with correct amounts. The company is in contact with its customers and has apologized to those affected."

BuzzFeed was unable to confirm whether the customers would be required to return the merchandise. However, on Bloomingdale's website it says the company does reserve "the right to cancel or refuse to accept any order placed based on incorrect pricing or availability information."

The upscale retailer is owned by Macy's.

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