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Stable stock picks for erratic markets

6 stocks to buy in a chaotic market

Amid a stunning market reversal into Tuesday's close, Facebook held firm in positive territory.

If China-related fears continue to leave investors scratching their heads, the social media network's core business will remain resilient, said trader Tim Seymour.

"Facebook is giving you growth that's not reliant on China," he said after the stock closed 1.1 percent higher.

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The Dow Jones industrial average and closed about 1.3 percent lower Tuesday after an earlier rally, their biggest negative reversal since October 2008. Apple—which Seymour called a "market proxy stock"—climbed as much as 7 percent before ending the day up 0.6 percent.

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Apple can be traded if it approaches $94 per share, he said. The stock—which Seymour owns—closed just below $104 Tuesday.

Trader Karen Finerman looked to another blue chip, JPMorgan Chase to ride out volatility. The stock closed Tuesday about half a percent lower.

Finerman said she added to her stake in the bank Monday. She highlighted its dividend yield of almost 3 percent and price-to-earnings ratio of about 10.

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Southern could also serve as a "safe" play, trader Steve Grasso added. It fell about 2.5 percent Tuesday but looks appealing at that price as it has a dividend yield of about 5 percent, he said.


Tim Seymour

Tim Seymour is long AAPL, T, BAC, DIS, F, GE, GM, GOOGL, INTC, JPM, Tim's firm is long BABA, BIDU, MCD, NKE, NOK, SBUX, SINA, YHOO.

Steve Grasso

Grasso is long AAPL, BA, BAC, CC, DD, DIS, DECK, EVGN, FIT, KBH, MJNA, MU, PFE, PHM, T, TWTR, GDX. His kids are long EFA, EFG, EWJ, IJR, SPY. His firm and some of its partners are long DVN, BP, COP, CVX, FCX, NE, NEM, OXY, RIG, VALE

Karen Finerman

Karen is long BAC, C, FINL, FL, GOOG, GOOGL, JPM, KORS, M, she is short SPY, Her firm is long ANTM, AAPL, BAC, C, DIS, FBT, FINL, FL, GOOG, GOOGL, GPS, IBB, JPM, KORS, M, SUNE, URI, XBI, M call spreads, SUNE call spreads, SUNE puts, her firm is short IWM, SPY, MDY, Karen Finerman is on the board of GrafTech International.