Burger wars: One chain wants to take McD's place

A Wayback Burgers location
Source: Wayback Burgers

McDonald's may be hesitant to take up Burger King on its offer to make a ''McWhopper,'' but another burger chain has stepped up to the plate. (Tweet this)

Wayback Burgers, a private burger chain based in Connecticut, said on Thursday that it would gladly take McDonald's place in the burger union.

In a statement, Wayback President John Eucalitto wrote, "Wayback Burgers would be happy to take Burger King up on its offer to partner to raise money surrounding International Day of Peace. Our nine patty burger, The Triple Triple, could be a great vehicle to work with. Perhaps we could create the Whiple Whiple. Besides, wouldn't Burger King prefer to partner with a fresh and innovative brand that is on the rise? Either way, we hope to hear from you."

On Wednesday, Burger King ran full page ads in The New York Times and The Chicago Tribune asking archrival McDonald's for a truce.

The peace offering? To join forces and create a blend of the Big Mac and Whopper to be called the McWhopper.

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