Apple set to hike TV unit to near $200: 9-to-5 Mac

New Apple TV and iPhone coming soon

Ahead of a widely anticipated event on Sept. 9, Apple is expected to hike the price of its fourth-generation Apple TV, 9-to-5 Mac reported on its website.

The publication said that Apple will price the unit below $200, and executives are still finalizing the price of a retooled living room device. However, the price for that may be either $149 or $199—which was higher than the 3rd generation Apple TV, 9-to-5 Mac wrote.

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When it first launched in 2012, the current model was only priced at $99 before it was cut to $69 in the spring of this year. The new box will be pricier than alternatives like Roku, Google and Amazon, the publication points out.

Apple 4 will be similar to the current version, but will be thicker and slightly wider, sources told 9-to-5 Mac.

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The perks of the new device may help justify the steeper pricing. The publication reported that Apple TV's latest version will have Siri support, a new remote control, and a new user interface, among other things. By next year, the tech giant is also expected to release a streaming TV service that bundles multiple channels at a bargain price of $40.

However, the new Apple TV will still demand logins to cable networks to unlock content.

The full report can be found on 9-to-5 Mac's website.