Ikea is stuffing a pillow with shredded catalogs

Source: DDB Brussels

From substitute packing material, to fire fodder, to impromptu coasters, Ikea shoppers have been coming up with alternative uses for old catalogs for years—but a pillow likely wasn't one of them.

Now, the Swedish superstore is giving its customers just that chance by offering to shred old catalogs to stuff its new Küss pillow, according to a Gizmodo report.

Customers in Belgium will be able to take part in the environmental promotion on September 12 by bringing old catalogs to a local Ikea to stuff the pillows, which symbolically feature a pattern resembling the cellulose molecules that comprise the shredding inside, according to the report.

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Ikea did not return immediately return CNBC's request for comment.

If Ikea's latest catalog is any indication, there's a lot of potential shredding out there. The latest issue spans over 324 pages and was printed more than 200 million times. That's a lot of pillows.

Read the full report from Gizmodo.