Scientists develop ice cream that doesn't melt

Tony Anderson | Getty Images

It's like sunblock ... for ice cream.

Researchers have discovered a protein that considerably slows the speed at which ice cream melts, and they say the product could be sparing cones from the heat in as little as three to five years.

The extent to which the protein BsIA can keep ice cream cold varies according to several factors, including how hot the surrounding air is and the other ingredients in the ice cream, according to The Telegraph. The substance binds fat, and water air molecules together, which helps keep ice cream stable longer.

Apart from holding off the heat, the substance might also keep ice cream smooth by preventing the formation of ice crystals. The researchers replaced some of the fat with their newly discovered protein, so it also lowered the fat and calorie content of the ice creams it was mixed into while retaining many of the properties of fat.

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