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Fashion stocks: The biggest winners and losers


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The most fashionable fashion stocks

It's been a wild ride for the markets over the past few weeks, shaking up the performance of retail and fashion stocks alike.

But while the fluctuations will likely cause some investors to hesitate—particularly when it comes to luxury brands, whose customers' attitudes often move in unison with the ebbs and flows of the market—not all fashion houses are created equal.

Whereas some of the worst performers' shares have shed nearly half their value over the past year, others' have more than doubled.

Ahead of Thursday's kickoff to the spring fashion shows, here's a peek at the best- and worst-performing stocks with ties to the New York, London, Milan or Paris runways.

As always, it's worth noting that a single collection typically won't make or break a brand's sales, particularly when it's one of several labels in a company's portfolio.

By CNBC's Krystina Gustafson, with contributions from Christopher Hayes
Posted 09 Sept. 2015

Rankings are based on the performance of 25 fashion-related stocks over the 12 months that ended Aug. 31. Companies with a market cap lower than $500 million were excluded. Shown here are the top eight stocks and the bottom eight stocks.

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