The big Apple event is over, now how to trade it

iPhone 6s and 6s Plus
Source: Apple Inc.

The Apple autumn products announcement anchored by the iPhone is the most closely watched event of the year by technology analysts and Wall Street.

The iPhone represents 65 percent of the tech giant's revenue and is the largest single technology product line in the world at an estimated $150 billion in annual sales.

New Apple products or services have large ramifications for the semiconductor supply chain and the technology competitive landscape, so investors always look for derivative trading opportunities off any details.

CNBC Pro reached out to analysts and gathered the best five ideas from Wednesday's event.

1) Buy Adobe:

The large 12.9-inch display iPad Pro was announced and demoed at the event with desktop-class applications such as Microsoft Office and Adobe Photoshop Fix showing off the capability of the iPad Pro as a true personal computer replacement.

Adobe was out in front as the biggest supporter of the iPad Pro with multiple creative professional applications in development for the device, traders noted.