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30% of people would sell an organ to erase student debt: Survey

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Some people would go great lengths to have their student loan debts forgiven, according to a small survey by

The survey said that 30 percent of respondents would sell one of their organs if it meant no more student debt. (Tweet This)

The personal finance website also said that 43 percent would sell half of their possessions while 38 percent said they would participate in a questionable health study.

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"While MyBankTracker does not condone the use of these extreme measures, it's interesting to see the percentage of respondents who would resort to them—it shows there are plenty of people who strive to erase their student loan debt as soon as possible," the survey said.

Total student loan debt in the U.S. totals over $1.3 trillion and exceeded total credit card debt for the first time in 2010. surveyed 200 of its site's readers between July 14 and Aug. 7.

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