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10 of the most dangerous jobs in America

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Careers with a risk factor

For some, an on-the-job fatality or injury is an everyday reality. Soldiers, law-enforcement personnel and firefighters, for instance, understand the high risks associated with their professions and are well aware that danger is part of their job description.

For others, however, inherent danger in the workplace is less obvious, and a job that seems mundane can be much more perilous than you'd expect.

Job site CareerCast has put together a list of the most dangerous professions around, using data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Department of Labor and U.S. Census and weighing that against two factors: how much danger the employee is in directly and the hazards faced by people working alongside those employees.

The hard data, it's worth noting, was taken from a 2013 study, the most recent figures availablebut it's an eye-opening look at the jobs you might want to avoid if you're risk-averse.

By Chris Morris, special to
Posted 12 September 2015

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