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Jay Leno on whether that Tesla is worth $120K

Jay Leno's embarrassing Tesla call
Jay Leno's embarrassing Tesla call

Somehow they did it. The new Tesla P90D goes from zero to 60 in 2.8 seconds.

It may have taken you longer to read that last sentence. Or not.

Either way, it's fast.

In terms of horsepower, electric car technology seems to have finally caught up to the internal combustion engine — and then some.

But while this new high-performance model has some serious ponies, it'll cost you. At $120,000, it should have a team of American Pharoahs under the hood.

So, if you have the dough, should you buy this super high-end sedan? Hopefully, unlike Jay Leno, you won't have to make an embarrassing phone call to get one.

Let him explain.

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