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Time for Twitter board shake-up: Sacca

Here's who I want on Twitter's board: Sacca
Here's who I want on Twitter's board: Sacca

Now that Jack Dorsey has been officially named the permanent CEO of Twitter, it's time for a shake-up at the company's board of directors, early Twitter investor Chris Sacca said Tuesday.

"I think this board was inactive for too many years, saw the writing on the wall for some of these problems that we're hitting in terms of growth and didn't act when they should have acted before," the founder of Lowercase Capital said in an interview with CNBC's "Closing Bell."

"I'm looking forward to a new board that will both inspire Jack to be his best as well as hold him accountable."

Sacca has long been a proponent of Dorsey's, calling for the board to name the Twitter founder and interim chief executive as permanent CEO. The fact that it took the board so long to make it official was frustrating, he said.

"Here we knew the outcome was inevitable. We knew there was one person suited to run this company. He was already running it, doing a great job and we just needed to get past this and remove this cloud that was looming over the company," said Sacca.

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His confidence in Dorsey also extends to his ability to building a talented board.

"He knows how to attract the right talent — good voices, strong voices that can challenge him and the company to be its best."

Sacca said he'd like to see fresh ideas from the board, and believes members who are not active users of the product should go.

He also wants to see more women and people of color included.

"If you think about what percentage of the users of Twitter and what percentage of great content of users comes from people of color, there should be folks like that on the board of directors. Maybe a Shonda Rhimes, for instance."

Sacca has no clear choice for the chairman role. However, he'd like to see former Twitter Chairman and CEO Evan Williams back at the company in some capacity, noting that he has an "incredible product vision" and brought the company from 2 million users to 200 million users.

As for the company's new feature, Moments, which launched Tuesday, Sacca called it "amazing."

It allows users to instantly browse the biggest stories on Twitter without having to follow any accounts or search for hashtags.

Sacca believes it is perfect for new Twitter users, who he thinks will become heavy Moments users. It's also easy to monetize, he said.

"This thing is going to hit the bottom line soon."

— CNBC's Julia Boorstin contributed to this report.