CEO: Internet companies need flexibility

Contractors enjoy job flexibility: Internet lobbyist

Regulators should understand that some people enjoy work in the sharing economy, an Internet company advocate said on Tuesday.

"The thing that regulators and policymakers need to recognize is that there is incredible flexibility here," said Michael Beckerman, Internet Association president and CEO. "People want to work for themselves, and that's what they are doing."

The Internet Association represents 36 companies, including Google, Amazon, Facebook, Uber and Twitter. Beckerman was speaking in an interview on CNBC's "Power Lunch."

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"We want to focus on educating policymakers and regulators around the U.S., around the world, on the great benefits these companies bring," he said.

On the issue of protecting user privacy, Beckerman said that Internet companies are the most aware because they need to maintain the trust of their customers. "There is incredible competition online, it's one click away and our companies, I think, are the leaders in protecting privacy."

He said the tech sector is still very "vibrant" and does not see a bubble in valuations.