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Jay Leno on why self-driving cars are largely hype

Jay Leno: Self-driving cars aren't REALLY self-driving
Jay Leno: Self-driving cars aren't REALLY self-driving

Don't pop that cork just yet.

The idea that you can crawl into the back seat, kick up your feet and drink some bubbly as your self-driving car chauffeurs you around town is fun, but it's not yet a reality. And according to Jay Leno, it may never be.

That said, variations on the concept could be coming soon. General Motors, for example, plans to deploy its "Super Cruise" system on some 2017 models.

But that's self-driving with an asterisk — which is to say you can let go of the wheel, but not your sensibilities. And definitely not your sobriety.

Will new advancements in automobiles ultimately give us complete driving freedom? Here's why Leno has his doubts.

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