Shopping at work? You're not alone

Tom Merton | Getty Images

Shoppers may not feel comfortable shelling out a ton of cash this holiday, but according to a study released Friday, many are perfectly OK with browsing for holiday gifts on their employer's time.

According to a report by Conlumino retail research firm, 31.2 percent of consumers will shop online during work hours this holiday season. A larger 33 percent said they will take a longer lunch break to go shopping, while 19.8 percent will leave early at least once to do so.

A bold 3.2 percent said they will fake a sick day to go holiday shopping.

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The findings, which were derived from interviews with 5,750 people, accompanied Conlumino's holiday trends report, which predicted Americans will spend 3.2 percent more this holiday.

"Despite the modest uplift in spend, this holiday season will be one of dramatic change in terms of how and where people do their shopping," Conlumino CEO Neil Saunders said.

That includes 45 percent of respondents who said they will use a mobile device to do at least some of their holiday shopping — up from 29.9 percent last year.

Although employers likely won't be thrilled by the findings, they're nowhere near the strangest consumer behaviors to be uncovered by a holiday survey. Last holiday season, a Paypal study found that 11 percent of people like to shop completely naked.

And for those of you who do decide to play hooky, don't forget to buy something for your boss.

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