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Cramer's game plan: Apple could get a bruising

Cramer's game plan: Apple could get a bruising

After a tremendous earnings week like this one, Jim Cramer finds it hard to believe that it can be topped. This earnings season has turned everything on its head in a vicious stock rotation that includes buying the big industrial and tech names and, up until Friday, throwing away health care stocks.

"But that does not mean my rolling bear market within a bull market thesis has gone away," the "Mad Money" host said.

Health care might have escaped from the bear on Friday, but retail was mauled. So, where should investors go from here? Cramer outlined his game plan of events and stocks to watch, to help investors find the way.

Monday: New home sales, Broadcom earnings report
New home sales: Lately, the housing sector has been treading water. Cramer thinks the homebuilders are waiting for the new-home-sales number to determine how to proceed. The expectation is for 574,000 new houses to be sold, and a beat could break this group out.

Broadcom earnings: Cramer will be following this report closely, as it may decide the direction of the entire semiconductor group. Broadcom is in the process of being bought by Avago, and the market used to love the stocks of both acquirers and targets. Lately, the love for acquirers has been lost, and Cramer is interested to see if that will change.

Are investors still hungry for Apple?

I have to tell you that the natives are restless. Specifically they are looking for some acceleration in user growth
Jim Cramer
Apple's iPhone 6 are displayed as people browse through products at a store in Atlantic City, New Jersey.
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Tuesday: Apple, Merck, Pfizer, Bristol-Myers, Twitter
This is the big day worrying many investors. Not only is it big pharma day, but Apple reports as well.

Apple: Though the stock still remains cheaper than most other technology stocks that exploded higher on Friday, Apple can still get hurt. Cramer has noticed that Apple's stock has been creeping up in anticipation of the quarter, so he will be on alert for any bruising, since the tech bar is set so high.

Merck, Pfizer & Bristol-Myers: This group has been out of favor for the past few months, and Cramer is watching these stocks for how investors react to earnings.

Twitter: "I have to tell you that the natives are restless. Specifically, they are looking for some acceleration in user growth," Cramer said.

Cramer likes that its new CEO, Jack Dorsey, is giving away a third of his Twitter stock to employees, and it struck him as a true break from Twitter's past. So, while Cramer is willing to be patient if this isn't a breakout quarter for Twitter, he isn't sure about other investors.

Wednesday: CNBC hosts the Republican Debate, Walgreens Boots Alliance, General Dynamics, GoPro

General Dynamics: Cramer recommended watching the Republican Debate on CNBC on Wednesday and keeping an eye on the numbers reported by General Dynamics. The defense stocks have had a run, because while the U.S. is cutting back, the rest of the world is arming itself.

Cramer thinks that will change, regardless of which party wins the presidential election. For Cramer, that means General Dynamics is a buy both before and after it reports.

GoPro: This company must prove once and for all that its new gadgets are selling well and its ecosystem is alive and well.

"I don't trust it, but I recognize that every dog has its day, and it is hard to be more of a dog than a stock that's gone from $87 to $29 in less than a year," Cramer said.

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Thursday: AmerisourceBergen, McKesson, Starbucks, Electronic Arts
Starbucks: Cramer anticipates that it will tell a great story about technology and sales, along with the success of its mobile ordering.

Friday: Chevron, CVS Health, Anheuser-Busch

Chevron: Considered the single best read on what is happening in the oil business, Cramer is interested to see what it has to say. He expects it to have a bleak story, so he warned that investors may not want to get involved with it.

So, just as this earnings season has been extraordinary so far, Cramer thinks the bar has been set very high now. Hopefully, that streak can continue through another week, especially Apple when it reports on Tuesday.

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