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Top 10 grossing horror-movie franchises of all time

Adjusted for inflation (2011): $1,014,195,828 Total worldwide gross: $873,319,880 Centering on the Jigsaw Killer, the “Saw” series put a psychological twist on the classic horror film genre by using new ways to tap into fear. Rather than kill his victims outright, Jigsaw prefers to plan out traps to pit them against one another and to test their will to live, by way of both physical and emotional torture. And even after his death, Jigsaw’s character is preserved through a series of flashbacks th

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From Jason to Jaws: Monster hits at the box office

What makes a good horror movie?

"If you ask me, practical effects make a good horror movie — something tangible. Something that feels real world," said Box Office Mojo Editor Brad Brevet. "I think that's what people respond to — something that generates a communal dread that can be felt within the theater, creating an atmosphere of fear."

And, it's important to have a central ominous character — human or otherwise. From Alien to Jaws, Jason to Freddy, there was one guy — or thing — that scared the bejeezus out of us.

So which monster is king at the box office? From the ocean to space — and even your own bed — no place is safe! But here's a hint: It's often the small-budget screamfests that scare up the most money.

Click ahead for the Top 10 horror franchises for 2015, including how much they made in U.S. ticket sales, what that number is adjusted for inflation — and the highest-grossing film in the franchise.

* Ranked by U.S. ticket sales adjusted for inflation (2015)

Click ahead to see the top 10 highest grossing horror film franchises of all time, according to BoxOfficeMojo.com.

——By Josh Weiss
Posted Oct.
26, 2015

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