This is horror, Singapore-style

Resorts World Sentosa

A disheveled prophet frantically waves a Bible and screams warnings of the blood moon and the horrors of the undead.

Then the blood moon appears and havoc ensues. A man is thrown off a building by the hooded leader of the Tunnel People – a secret clan that lives underground.

The sweaty crowd cheers enthusiastically throughout the 'Opening Scaremony' before dashing off to various attractions to get their money's worth of scare.

These are some of the horrifically fun scenes from Universal Studios Singapore's fifth Halloween Horror Nights, which runs for five weekends starting 2 October. This year comes with a Singaporean flavor, so locals will be able to identify familiar themes and set designs, so the terror really strikes a chord.

Spoiler alert! Do not read on if you don't like your terror tempered.

Written by Aza Wee Sile

1. Hungry Ghost Village

Universal Studios Singapore

Pay a visit to the Hungry Ghost village trapped in a lost era. Visitors pass through narrow streets of Chinese funeral processions and askew altars of food offerings and burning incense. Old Chinese women creepily hobble around and cackle bitterly in Mandarin.

Based on Chinese tradition, the Hungry Ghost month is the seventh month in the lunar calendar, where ghosts and spirits are believed to roam among the living. The undead villagers are forced to perform ceremonial rituals with the blood moon hanging above.

2. Hungry Ghost Village

Universal Studios Singapore

Those who grew up with Chinese horror films and Asian folklore will be familiar with the superstition that a woman who commits suicide dressed entirely in red will return from the afterlife to avenge her cause.

Along the path through the Hungry Ghost village, visitors might chance upon a woman in a tight red cheongsam, blood-red painted nails and bloodshot eyes.

3. Siloso Gateway Block 50

Universal Studios Singapore

At Siloso Gateway Block 50, the neighborhood is deathly quiet. A virus outbreak had reduced residents to flesh-eating zombies.

Visitors must to carefully tread through various apartments that belonged to residents. Playing on the local theme, apartments have interior details styled to characterize typical Chinese, Malay, Indian and Eurasian homes.

4. Siloso Gateway Block 50

Universal Studios Singapore

In a Singaporean Malay bedroom, there are bloody handprints on the walls. An ethnic Malay zombie in a batik nightgown snarls and struggles against the ropes that bind her to the bed frame.

5. True Singapore Ghost Stories: The MRT

Universal Studios Singapore

Universal Studios Singapore collaborates with Russell Lee, local ghost author of 'Singapore's True Ghost Stories' book series. Lee imagines a supernatural realm inspired by accounts of paranormal sightings in Singapore's train tunnels.

Through chaotic train carriages, ghouls and ghosts lurk in dark corners, ready to jump out and startle visitors.

6. True Singapore Ghost Stories: The MRT

Universal Studios Singapore

Past the train carriages and into the dark tunnel, there are buried bodies that moan and reach out to visitors. There are also scenes of spiritual rituals and appearances of Pontianaks (Malay female spirits) and Toyols (human fetus spirits in Malay mythology).

7. Hell House

Universal Studios Singapore

Under the blood moon, the gates of hell have opened and visitors are ushered into an underworld town of life-sized paper effigies. Burning paper effigies are a part of Taoist custom to gift the dead with material possessions and 'hell money'.

8. The Invaders

Universal Studios Singapore

If ghosts don't scare you, maybe extraterrestrial inhabitants will.

In Universal Studios New York zone, a UFO hovers above the street preparing to take over Earth. Aliens of all shape and sizes roam around to terrify visitors.

Humans don't stand a chance with the 8-foot tall extra-terrestrials covered in tentacles and strange growths.


Universal Studios Singapore

Sting Alley has been quarantined and cordoned off with barricades. The forsaken and diseased inhabitants remain within the toxic site, struggling for survival.

10. Tunnel People

Universal Studios Singapore

Explore the snaking tunnels dug by the Tunnel People, an apocalyptic clan that has sought shelter underground ahead of the blood moon.

The path is shrouded in darkness, all the better to add to the foreboding sense of what's to come.