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Lightning Round: Wait until the smoke clears


It's that time again! Jim Cramer rang the lightning round bell, which means he gave his take on caller favorite stocks at rapid speed:

Horizon Pharma: "This market does not like Valeant and somehow Horizon has gotten caught up in the idea that it's a Valeant. It's not. But you have to wait until the smoke clears and Valeant's stock is going down, because it's some kind of weird guilt by association."

RR Donnelley & Sons Co: "This stock is a buy right here. It's a 6 percent yielder, it's starting to go up. I want people in it, it sells at 10 or 11 times earnings. I'm so glad you mentioned it, because it is a buy."

United States Steel: "I think the Chinese have decided that's not going to happen. They are really in the cross-hairs of both the decline in both oil and gas because they make oil country tube, and they are in the cross-hairs of the Chinese who are dumping steel like crazy. So therefore I have to tell you that you cannot own the letter X."

Rice Energy: "It's a minor energy company in a world where only the majors and the fastest growers are working."

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Quintiles: "You know what? Sometimes it's an opportunity. I know this stock had been up. I think that there's nothing fundamentally wrong with it. I think Tom Pike has acquitted himself very well. This is the kind of high quality company that you buy into the weakness."

Acuity Brands Inc: "AYI is a remarkable company that I have to do a 'What The Heck' [segment] about. What the heck is that going up? It's a lightning company that hit its 52-week high today and it is good to go. I like them. It's at its own personable market."

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