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Office Envy: Inside Nixon Peabody's Washington office

Rethinking the law firm office
Rethinking the law firm office

Tech companies and startups aren't the only companies rethinking work spaces for a new generation of workers. The global law firm Nixon Peabody has designed its new Washington, DC office with one thing in mind: collaboration.

"Usually the corner office is reserved for the partners," Jeff Lesk, Nixon Peabody's DC office managing partner told CNBC. "Here, it's an open meeting area where people can come and sit and work together."

The shift has gone from a traditional formal office to a futuristic feel that's traded corner offices for open work spaces with multi-colored couches.

Nixon Peabody’s Washington, DC office
Source: Eric Laignel

"Our business is enhanced by teamwork and collaboration," Andrew Glincher, Nixon Peabody's CEO and managing partner told CNBC. "This now encourages collaboration, it's inclusive and that's playing to our strengths."

Spread over three floors above the staircase, is a living green wall fed by condensation from the building air conditioning system.

While many employees sit in an open area, the individual offices are all made out of glass, encouraging a transparent office environment.

The office was designed after Nixon Peabody's management asked for feedback from its employees.

"The millennials like face-to-face contact and working in teams," Glincher said. "It's important for them to be mentored, developed and have an ownership in what we're doing."

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