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Cramer: Fitbit is not even close to its peak

Cramer: Fitbit nowhere near peaking

Fitbit took a major beating on Tuesday, down almost 9 percent. However, unlike many investors, Jim Cramer refuses to jump ship.

"Put simply, Fitbit is not down because of anything the company said about the business, which is healthy and growing," the "Mad Money" host said.

Rather than focus on Fitbit's stellar earnings beat, investors sold the stock with the news of a secondary offering that would put an additional 14 million shares from insiders and 7 million from the company itself into the market. Cramer thinks this could help to reduce the large number of short sellers that have existed in the stock since it came public in June.

Fitbit CEO confirmed in an interview with CNBC on Tuesday morning that the company is spending aggressively on research and development in order to meet the requests of individual customers. Cramer found this important, because this spending will set Fitbit apart from the fad of GoPro.

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Park also clarified to Cramer that the Apple Watch and Fitbit are very different. While the Apple Watch has some terrific health applications, Fitbit's product is about wellness exclusively and sells at a lower price point.

"I think a lot of home gamers who own Fitbit are scared to death that this could be another GoPro or another Shake Shack," Cramer said.

Both GoPro and Shake Shack initially roared when they came public but dramatically lost enthusiasm as new shares hit the market, even as the numbers were very strong.

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"Even if you believe that Fitbit is a fad, I think it hasn't come anywhere near peaking, especially given its rapid adoption overseas," Cramer added. (Tweet this)

That means, when Fitbit bottoms from the insider selling, it could be the perfect thing to buy in the holiday season. Cramer advised to ride the stock, whether it is for an investment or trade, because it is the real deal.

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