Net Net: Promoting innovation and managing change
Net Net: Promoting innovation and managing change

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings: Why I take 6 weeks' vacation

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Reed Hastings takes six weeks of vacation a year, and he's hoping his employees do the same.

"I take a lot of vacation and I'm hoping that certainly sets an example," the Netflix CEO said Tuesday. "It is helpful. You often do you best thinking when you're off hiking in some mountain or something. You get a different perspective on things."

The head of the video streaming service was responding to a question at the DealBook conference on why he's decided to extend unlimited parental leave to the company's nearly 2,200 full-time employees, who had been given unlimited vacation, as well.

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Over the course of his years running the company, Hastings said he found that it's important to be flexible and focus on work-life balance. Others have joined the movement to unlimited vacation, to the opposition of some who say it actually discourages workers from taking time off as they worry they'll lose their jobs if they take more than co-workers.

Hastings said that's one of the reasons why he utilizes so much time off.

"What we're trying to do is earn loyalty and trust that they'll really care about Netflix in addition to caring about their families, and they'll find successful ways to integrate it," he said. "For all of you and all of your employees, it really is about work-life integration."